Our Equipments

Our state of the art equipment covers a wide range of hematological, biochemical, hormonal and immunological assays. These include:

Horiba Yumizen 5000

6 Part Automated Hematology Analyzer.
This is a compact 6 part hematology analyzer from Horiba; world leaders in hematology solutions. The machine with a through put of 60 tests per hour is known for its robustness and reliability.

Vitros 350

Automated Biochemistry Analyzer
The Vitros 350 uses the internationally acclaimed dry chemistry micro-slide technology. The machine with a throughput of 350 tests per hour has excellent assay performance in diverse patient settings with minimal operator interference and is environment friendly. This is the first installation of the state of the art machine in Kerala.

Eurostar III Plus

Indirect Immunoflurosence Microscope
The indirect immunoflurosence microscope uses environment friendly LED technology for immunoflurosence. Useful for a wide spectrum of immunological and microbiological tests, IRIS laboratory is one of the first laboratory in Kerala with this facility.


ELISA Reader
This compact stand alone micro strip ELISA reader is a very effective and reliable instrument in the segment.

Mispa i2

Specific Protein Analyzer
Mispa i2 uses the gold standard nephelometry technology for protein determination and supports the clinical management of a variety of disease states as cardiovascular, rheumatoid and renal diseases.

Mini Vidas

Immunochemistry Analyzer
Mini Vidas is a product from Biomeriux greatly appreciated for its simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. This has a large test menu of over 100 parameters for the diagnosis of cardiovascular and infectious diseases, cancers, infertility, pregnancy, thyroid and other hormonal diseases.

In addition, to ensure uninterrupted flow of wok, we have a backup of quality instruments from reputed manufacturers. These include Microlab 300 (Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer), Turbochem 100 (Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer), IONS (Electrolyte Analyzer) and Xcyte (Automated Part 3 Part Hematology Analyzer).